Facial Recognition Thermometer

Facial Recognition Thermometer

Screen Size::8 inch
Resolution: 1280x800p
OS: Android 5.1, RK3288
Software: AI face regonition system
Place of Origin:Guangzhou,China
Brand Name:HUSHIDA
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Product Details

HUSHIDA  facial recognition thermometer is the latest research and design to effectively help companies resist


product advantages:

1. It can measure the temperature quickly without waiting in line;

2. You can build your own database

3. Security alarm system;

Facial recognition thermometer products can be applied to many occasions:

1. In densely-traffic areas like railway stations,  can be measured quickly without the need for people to queue up

2. It can be used for office access control to help ensure the safety of the enterprise working environment

3. It can be used in schools and other environments, kindergartens to ensure the safety of children

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face recognition machine

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