Flir Thermal Camera With QR Code Scanner

Flir Thermal Camera With QR Code Scanner

flir thermal camera with QR code scanner
This device features an internal auto-dispenser that can provide gel, foam or liquid sanitizer as well as a metal closing with an integrated commercial grade 8-inch Temperature screening kiosk HUSHIDA's cloud-based digital signage software.
The product is suitable for various public places.
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Product Details

Product Features

The access control system can perform three-in-one face recognition, card reading, and health QR code scanning, allowing vetted individuals to enter

1. 8-inch LCD display is equipped with a thermal scanning camera for quick face recognition and temperature measurement

2. Quickly scan the health QR code

3. Compact design and anti-theft lock. In addition, disinfection and hand washing functions and thermal printing functions can be added as required

4. The appearance design is beautiful and generous, with European style and Chinese noble spirit.

5. Can be widely used in star hotels, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools and other public places, access control and attendance, intelligent safety protection

HUSHIDA flir thermal camera with QR code scanner  has been deployed in many areas, such as school offices, to provide non-contact and effective temperature checks.

flir thermal camera with QR code scanner

Product parameters
Product nameflir thermal camera with QR code scanner
Face database10000
Brand NameHushida
IdentificationIC ID
SystemAndroid 7.1
CPUAndroid Rk3288 Quad core
Protection ClassIP65 
Measurement Speed0.2s
Measuring Distance50-150cm
Work Tempreture-10℃-60℃
Warranty1 year






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