Hand Sanitizer Dispenser With Temperature Screening Kiosk

Hand sanitizer dispenser with temperature screening kiosk
This device features an internal auto-dispenser that can provide gel, foam or liquid sanitizer as well as a metal closing with an integrated commercial grade 8-inch Temperature screening kiosk HUSHIDA's cloud-based digital signage software.
The product is suitable for various public places.
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Product Details

Fast and accurate 8-inch face recognition thermometer is your company's first line of defense against the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Using advanced thermal near infrared sensors, AI-enhanced face recognition technology and easy-to-use software loaded on Android Tablet. It can also disinfect the hands during temperature measurement.

Product Features
Optional face recognition to allow entry for vetted individuals
* Stores regular readings
* Durable hardware with an 8-inch IPS full-view LCD display
* Waterproof, dust-proof design
* Hand sanitizer device
* Supports various peripheral expansions such as ID card reader, fingerprint reader, IC card reader, two-dimensional code reader

8 inch Face Recognition Temperature screening kiosk

Product parameters
Product name8 inch Face recognition infrared thermometer
Face database10000
Brand NameHushida
IdentificationIC ID
SystemAndroid 7.1
CPUAndroid Rk3288 Quad core
Protection ClassIP65 
Measurement Speed0.2s
Measuring Distance50-150cm
Work Tempreture-10℃-60℃
Warranty1 year

Hand Sanitizer Device

MaterialMetal ABS
TypeAuto touchless
ApplicationPublic disinfection avoid cross infection

Beijing Hushida Technology Co.,LTD ,a digital signage software company, has unveiled its Floor Standing hand sanitizing digital signage kiosk.Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser lcd advertising display digital signage kiosk




Hand sanitizer Temperature screening systems feature a sturdy metal enclosing and an integrated commercial grade 8 inch digital sign. Hand sanitizer Temperature screening signs come with a built-in hand sanitizer dispenser that supports gel, foam, or liquid sanitizer.


Q1. What sort of advertising or content can this display handle?
A. Anything: infotainment, educational-based content, videos, commercials and more

Q2. Does it offer instructions on proper hand washing techniques?
A. Yes, you can display hand washing techniques, health tips, and best practices.

Q3. How can businesses use this display to calm customers nerves and boost sales during these uncertain times?
A. According to the World Health Organization, washing your hands is the number one suggestion for staying safe. By offering free hand sanitizer to the public, customers will openly embrace it and walk-up to the units. While at the units they will see the content playing on the 21-inch screens.

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