AI Face High-flux Body Temperature Screening And Warning System

1. ≤0.3℃ accurate temperature measurement
2. Over-temperature alarm
3. Non-contact detection
4. Intelligent face recognition
5. Mask abnormality detection
6.AI data analysis
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AI face high-flux body temperature screening and warning system
(Thermal Imaging Solution)


The outbreak caused by the new coronavirus at the end of 2019 has brought great challenges to all walks of life. With the advent of resumption of labor and production, the prevention and control of new coronaviruses across the country has entered a critical period. How to safely, quickly, and efficiently implement the temperature detection of employees, residents, passengers, and other personnel has become important for prevention and control. A ring. Combining AI image recognition technology and thermal imaging technology, a non-contact, high-precision, efficient and safe AI thermal imaging body temperature screening solution was launched.

Ⅱ.Product Features:

1. ≤0.3℃ accurate temperature measurement

2. Over-temperature alarm

3. Non-contact detection

4. Intelligent face recognition

5. Mask abnormality detection

6.AI data analysis


1. Face recognition thermal imaging, mobile thermal imaging and other methods to achieve a non-contact rapid temperature detection and management platform.

2. It can monitor the temperature of high-volume people at the same time, and can measure no less than 20 people at the same time. Real-time analysis of the over-temperature target shows the left traces and sound and light alarm.

3. The crowd in the face database (30,000) is automatically recognized, and the non-face database crowd captures the face in real time, and the specific face database crowd is captured and alarmed.

4. 24 hours uninterrupted work, real-time display of temperature and high temperature alarm times and has the function of classification and statistics.

5. Accuracy of body temperature detection: temperature accuracy within 0.3 degrees; face recognition distance is 2.5 meters or more; face recognition accuracy rate is above 99.8%.

6. Body temperature detection speed: single-channel face recognition speed: no less than 30 faces per second.

7. Powerful cloud SAAS big data platform, real-time remote viewing, early warning, reporting and monitoring of data.

8. Quick deployment, real-time blackbody radiation source correction without being affected by the environment, ensuring temperature measurement accuracy.



Ⅲ.System Structure:

Single point / emergency deployment plan: 1

Screen sizes: 21.5 inch、55inch、65 inch、75inch、86inch、100inch

Ⅳ.Introduction of functions and components

1.AI Thermal Imaging Body Thermometer

■ 240 x 180 clear heat imaging display, the picture is clearer;

■ Temperature measurement accuracy standard, test accuracy ≥0.3 ° C, infrared thermal sensitivity <30mK;

■ 90°x 60°(horizontal x vertical) ultra-wide infrared field of view angle, larger range and more accurate;

■ 2.0 ~ 10mm zoom visible light lens, suitable for spiritual settings in more scenes;

■ Fashion design, high-end atmosphere;

■ Industrial design, the whole machine meets dustproof standards;

■ Intelligent face recognition, accurate forehead temperature measurement, and anti-interference heat source false alarm;

■ Fast non-inductive, high-throughput detection capability, while supporting 10+ personnel to accurately measure temperature at the same time;

■ Supports multi-face recognition, area detection, and other functions, and supports open docking with attendance, access control, and personnel systems;



2.Black body radiant heat source


1. More portable and lighter. Higher accuracy.

2. Light weight: The weight of the host is only 2 kg.

3. Temperature setting and easy operation. Heat up quickly and control temperature.


Technical Parameters

Model name: HSD-HTX1

Temperature range: 35 ℃ -45 ℃

Control method: PID automatic control

Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃

Radiation surface: 78mm * 78mm

Cavity Emissivity: 0.97 ± 0.02

Temperature stability: + (0.1 ~ 0.2) ℃ / 30min

Temperature uniformity: ± 0.2 ℃ (within 2/3 center area)

Power: 220V AC 50HZ

Host volume (length x width x height): 240mmX110XmmX150mm

Working environment: Temperature: 0 ℃ -30 ℃

Humidity: ≤60% RH

Weight: ≤2Kg


3.AI intelligent screening analysis platform:

■ Powerful analysis and processing capabilities;

■ Centralized control of multiple terminal devices, visualized data presentation;
■ Support system docking of attendance, access control, visitors;

■ AI face recognition algorithm module embedding;

■ Detection archive storage management;



4.Monitoring terminal

■ Original 4K touch all-in-one machine, excellent quality;

■ A richer product line, flexible matching and free choice;

■ Global leading display technology, professional picture quality performance;
■ Industrial-grade solution design, support 7 * 24 hours of continuous work;

■ Service outlets cover the whole country and provide 24-hour on-site service;


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