Thermal Imaging Camera Body Temperature Measurement

1. ≤0.3℃ accurate temperature measurement
2. Over-temperature alarm
3. Non-contact detection
4. Intelligent face recognition
5. Mask abnormality detection
6.AI data analysis
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Product Details

Thermal Imaging Camera Body Temperature Mesurement

Product Features:

1. Face recognition thermal imaging, mobile thermal imaging and other methods to achieve a non-contact rapid temperature detection and management platform.

 2. It can monitor the temperature of high-volume people at the same time, and can measure no less than 20 people at the same time. Real-time analysis of the over-temperature target shows the left traces and sound and light alarm.

 3. The crowd in the face database (30,000) is automatically recognized, and the non-face database crowd captures the face in real time, and the specific face database crowd is captured and alarmed.

 4. 24 hours uninterrupted work, real-time display of temperature and high temperature alarm times and has the function of classification and statistics.


5. Accuracy of body temperature detection: temperature accuracy within 0.3 degrees; face recognition distance is 2.5 meters or more; face recognition accuracy rate is above 99.8%.


6. Body temperature detection speed: single-channel face recognition speed: no less than 30 faces per second.


7. Powerful cloud SAAS big data platform, real-time remote viewing, early warning, reporting and monitoring of data.

 8. Quick deployment, real-time blackbody radiation source correction without being affected by the environment, ensuring temperature measurement accuracy.


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