Digital Menu Board For Restaurants

Digital Menu Board For Restaurants

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Type: TFT
Application: Indoor
Viewing Angle: 178/178 full view angle
Brightness: 500nits
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Digital Menu Board For Restaurants

 1. Easy to deal with multiple scenarios Digital Menu board is different from paper media or light boxes. The operation process is more flexible and free. Usually, there is no need to manually replace paper posters on the spot. A smart device can become a powerful tool for restaurant management. HUSHIDA Digital Menu board is suitable for a variety of scenarios, including serving as a menu card when ordering, placing a doorway as a marketing water card to promote new products and activities, splicing multiple screens in the restaurant to make a large joint screen to play eye-catching videos, helping restaurant operators Use under different needs. Faced with different and complex environments, festivals and other factors, it can easily deal with it, hold multi-scenario applications, and provide a good solution for easily realizing timely marketing.  

2. Remote control by mobile phone and computer HUSHIDA Digital Menu board can directly edit and put posters in the background, which is convenient and practical. It can also directly manage the menu content through the mobile phone whenever and wherever, as long as the network is open. The convenient and easy-to-manage properties of the Digital Menu board make it easy to respond to various needs in the restaurant management process, which greatly reduces the burden and cost of purchasing various equipment in restaurant marketing. 

 3. The dynamic menu stimulates the taste buds and desires of customers Browsing the dazzling dynamic menu not only alleviates the anxiety of waiting for ordering, but also adjusts diversified information such as flexible promotional activities and the latest dishes, effectively increasing sales by more than 5%.








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