Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising

Outdoor Digital Billboard Advertising

Multiple styles support customization.
Outdoor bright LCD screen visible in the sun
Waterproof and anti-theft to ensure outdoor safety
Built-in lightning protection and air switch
AR glass, galvanized steel, explosion-proof and anti-collision
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Product Details

Product Feature:

1.Multiple styles support customization. Suitable for tourist attractions, parks, advertising media, communities, bus stations, high-speed toll stations, government agencies, campuses, etc.; customizable appearance, hardware, interfaces, etc.

2.Outdoor bright LCD screen visible in the sun

Using direct-lit LED backlight, the brightness of the LCD screen can reach 1000-3500nits (customized according to customers)

Built-in automatic light sensor, can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the environmental brightness, energy saving and power saving"

3.Waterproof and anti-theft to ensure outdoor safety

The cabinet has good sealing performance, and the sealing strip has good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation, aging resistance, ozone,

Chemically-acted three-composite rubber strip The door lock is three-level protection, and the housing screws are hidden, so there is no exposure

Detachable screws to effectively prevent accidents

 4.Built-in lightning protection and air switch

The power surge protector effectively reduces the potential difference between the interfaces of the equipment, thereby protecting the equipment on the circuit.

The air switch is mainly used to prevent leakage accidents. "

5.AR glass, galvanized steel, explosion-proof and anti-collision

The front 6mmAR tempered glass, explosion-proof and anti-reflection, can effectively block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the LCD screen

The shell is made of galvanized steel design + outdoor powder surface treatment, the average thickness of the plate is 1.5mm, beautiful and strong"

6.Intelligent temperature control and temperature self-adjustment

Built-in air-conditioning/air cooling, dual selection, automatic temperature adjustment, external exhaust holes

Dislocation and waterproof design of fan to ensure normal operation of the machine

7.Smart Split Screen System

It can support multiple split-screen methods such as one-split screen, two-split screen, and three-split screen, and supports simultaneous playback of pictures,

Video, bid farewell to single display

8.Cloud intelligent system remote advertising

Computers, mobile phones, and Pads are updated and released at any time, multi-terminal login, cloud management, and real-time monitoring. Three easy steps: 1. Log in to your account; 2. Create a show; 3. Save and publish








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