Outdoor Electronic Display Signs

Outdoor Electronic Display Signs

outdoor electronic display signs
Multiple styles support customization.
Outdoor bright LCD screen visible in the sun
Waterproof and anti-theft to ensure outdoor safety
Built-in lightning protection and air switch
AR glass, galvanized steel, explosion-proof and anti-collision
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Product Details

outdoor electronic display signs

Product Feature:

1.Support a variety of styles, suitable for various application scenarios, urban public settings, gas stations, etc.

2.The outdoor advertising machine adopts a high-brightness LCD screen, which has a good display effect even in the sun.

3.It has good waterproof effect and can work well even in heavy rain

4.In order to improve the safety of the equipment, built-in lightning protection and air switch,

5.Explosion-proof tempered glass is used to greatly improve product safety

6.Good temperature control equipment, so that the equipment can operate normally even in the hot summer

7.Can play a variety of pictures and video files at the same time

8.The background operation is simple, whether it is a computer or a mobile phone can be operated.








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