Outdoor Media Advertising Display Screen

Outdoor Media Advertising Display Screen

outdoor electronic display signs
Multiple styles support customization.
Outdoor bright LCD screen visible in the sun
Waterproof and anti-theft to ensure outdoor safety
Built-in lightning protection and air switch
AR glass, galvanized steel, explosion-proof and anti-collision
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Product Details

outdoor media advertising display screen

Product Feature:

1,Both the appearance and the interface can be customized.

2.The brightness of the LCD screen can be adjusted automatically according to the environment,

3.The equipment has good sealing performance and can handle various rain and snow weather

4.A variety of safety protections such as air switches and lightning protectors are used to effectively prevent various safety problems

5.You can choose air-conditioning or air-cooling mode to freely adjust the equipment temperature

6.A variety of split screen modes are available.

7.Use the smart cloud system to remotely control the device and adjust the playback content








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