Car services

Virtual reality car simulation test drive system

 The extent to which a user exists as a protagonist in a virtual environment.


Car interior big screen

 Now, the big screen began to become a sign of the car's technology content, is not a new era of Internet cars, as if the big screen is the most direct discrimination.
 Indeed big screen brings together entertainment, social networking, information, navigation and other useful features to improve driving pleasure at the same time also provide good convenience, but also a shortcut to enhance the interior grade.



Car charging pile advertising screen

 Charging pile advertising screen leads the new media field and form.
 2017 is the first year of charging pile development in china. The government requires that central government-owned enterprises parking lot must install new energy vehicle charging pile, and local state-owned enterprises must also self-finance the installation of automobile charging pile.
 This is a favorable policy for encouraging the development of the new energy automobile industry in our country. It is also a driving force to encourage scientific and technological innovation. This measure has not only led to the new energy automotive industry and the charging pile industry, but also led to the inclusion of a bright LCD screen more than ten related industries and common development.
 Charging pile advertising screen leads the new media field, leading the new media form.


Automotive integration of intelligent teaching applications

 Automotive repair, automotive research and development of vocational institutions, in order to carry out the specific structure of the demonstration, the original old blackboards, paintings, to replace, using touch win7, Andrews dual system machine teaching machine, the teaching process to enhance a new realm.