Commercial Chain

 Our Cloudmark system based on cloud platform, cloud application, big data, cloud self-service technology and smart commercial display equipment, development information release system, self-service system, touch inquiry system, guide inquiry system, reservation queuing system, product display system and so on.

Navigation and enquiry system

 Function: display floor plan,area function annotation,scene simulation,indoor route navigation,store inquiry,product inquiry and promotion.
 To bring customers: more convenient access to information, smart access to benefits, navigation.
 To bring business: interact with consumers, real-time marketing based on the current location of the customer.
 To bring the mall: passenger flow dynamics, consumer behavior analysis, improve operational efficiency, to achieve data.


Information release system

 Mall information dissemination system through advanced digital decoding and transmission technology, the mall's promotional pictures, audio and video files or notifications, circulars and other rolling subtitles and other multimedia information transmitted through the network platform to display terminals, high-quality digital signal broadcast, Presented in front of customers.


Buffet ordering system

 Front office buffet ordering, the kitchen automatically print, user self-settlement account, sales statistics and analysis, cloud meal ordering system, your restaurant exclusive butler.
 With solution ordering, queuing, calling number, cashier, new product release, dishes management, multi-store management, operating statistics and a series of restaurant management in one machine,Convenient and cost-effective!
 To solve the restaurant rush hour and checkout issues, customers do not have to wait long queues, the shop does not need cashier cash register.



Appointment queuing system

 Business for the first appointment, then you can wait for an appointment number, without long lines.


Mall stitching big screen information system

 Large field of vision, ultra-clear images, strong visual impact, advertising efforts to show large.


Cinema ticket self service system