Culture Media 

 Today, with the continuous emergence of new media and the increasingly diversified modes of communication, the traditional advertising market is facing a huge impact.
 With the continuous development of the advertising industry, from the initial gilded advertisement slowly transformed into magazines, newspapers, posters, television, websites, light boxes, etc., from the current point of view, the most popular advertising industry will be the number of network advertising,It can be applied to all outdoor or indoor, both from advertising and decoration, are deeply loved.

LED outdoor billboards

 LED billboards are usually installed next to the highway, showing a static or dynamic picture.LED billboards have excellent display can improve advertising revenue, attract high-end customers.Through the network information platform, centralized control platform, remote monitoring and diagnosis platform, thereby reducing operating and maintenance costs.


LED advertising kiosk information release

 LED advertising kiosks, integrated design innovative solutions to expand the LED display applications, such as bus shelters, newsstands, urban information release bar.Its vivid image adds traction and boosts advertising revenue.


Elevator advertising solutions