School Education

Video wall information release

 At present, many schools have installed display devices such as LED screens or LCD TVs as well as stitching large screens on campus entrances, main lobby and lobby of faculties. They are mainly used to release videos, greetings and announcements of live or departmental schools,, Notification and other information.It can promote school strength and image.


Indoor floor standing advertising information release


Campus restaurant information release

 In the canteen public areas to install information release point, introduces food prices and menus to facilitate students to line up when you can choose your favorite dishes, reduce queuing time, while interspersed with news, announcements and other information content, can reduce student queasy irritability emotions and access to more useful information to increase the pleasure of eating.


Self-check system


Book search system

 Library public areas to install multiple information publishing point, publishing new book introduction, borrowing information, books also expiration reminder, release notice, books and other types of information is conducive to improving the librarian's work efficiency and quality of work;
 It also provides administrators and students with an electronic communication platform that enables libraries to better serve their students.


History Exhibition Hall

 Multi-media History Museum interactive display Create a new concept of campus culture display system for the school's information display, information exchange, touch interaction provides a complete platform for the display, in line with the construction of modern campus needs and atmosphere, and create a campus effective and social system phase,the combination of the environment, but also the school of digital, information technology development trend.