With the development of society, the goal of building a harmonious society and the principle of people-oriented service, the service hall of government agencies has become the main channel for government agencies to conduct business communication and interaction.
 In order to continuously improve the quality of service and better serve our customers, we have introduced the service measures of high quality, high standard and high specification to the public one after another.
 Make full use of network management platform to provide customers with a more humane, relaxed and convenient service environment, at the same time, the government agencies and government images, promotional information, guidelines, policies and regulations and other content to customers, improve service levels.

Government affair intelligent window guide system


Government information data visualization big screen display


Public service lobby queuing call, information guidance system


System architecture

 System uses a distributed structure, centralized and authorized hierarchical management model, the system supports at least government affairs center, two window service mode.The information management center server remote control terminal player through the network, to achieve intelligent calling and information transmission, control, broadcast.
 Central server and front-end display, touch query machine, and LED display for unified control management, which greatly reduces management costs and improve work efficiency.



System Application Case:

 Beijing Hushida Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully implemented the People's Procuratorate, Department of Transportation, Court, State Grid, Prisons, Labor and Social Security Bureau, Maritime Bureau, Environmental Protection Agency, Government Affairs Center, Electricity Authority, China Construction Real Estate, Traffic Police Brigade, Commission for Discipline Inspection Monitoring agencies, urban and rural Construction Commission, the Finance Bureau, Administration for Industry and Commerce, emergency command center, Water Authority, the IRS, the Inland Revenue Department, Social Security Bureau, Department of Finance and other government digital signage system projects.