Medical Health 

 Hospital is an important place closely related to people's daily life and also a window of medical service that is generally concerned by the society.With the continuous development of the information age, hospital is gradually changing to digitalization, informatization and intelligence. The society also has new requirements on the service and humanization of the hospital.
 Humanized services should include medical referral inquiry, hospital big data platform, hospital queuing system, hospital treatment signboard, hospital digital signage, health care knowledge electronic display board, network information release platform, etc. To this end, the smart medical system should be transported health.

Self-appointment registration service system

 Visitors through self-service machine for expert inquiries, appointment registration, and self-service registration fee payment, and then hold a small ticket for treatment.


Community pharmacies self-drug sales system

 Non-prescription drugs, pharmacies can use self-service drug sales system, customers choose to buy drugs, WeChat or Alipay payment, the system will automatically transfer the purchase of medicines to take medicine.


Hospital conference system

 In order to better serve patients, doctors, nurses, etc., need frequent meeting, cloudmark conference system, unlimited expansion of the display area, support for all formats of documents, you can handwriting, comment, save, screen interaction,meeting more efficient.


Hospital queuing system

 Queuing status display device docking with the hospital's internal systems, patients can see their queues in real time, to facilitate physical discomfort should not move or stand for a long time the patient, while patients and their families can ease waiting for irritability, improve the treatment efficiency and overall hospital impression.