1209mm strip LCD screen application scenario

- Oct 08, 2020-

The strip screen, with its slender "body shape", is quickly favored by the industry, and has great market space in the following areas:1


Supermarket shelf display field (shelf strip screen)

Utilizing the slender feature of the strip screen, it is placed on the supermarket shelf to display product information, which has become the trend of high-end supermarkets.


02Advertising media

With its unique advantages, strip screens are gradually replacing traditional billboards, light boxes, etc., and become a new force in the advertising media industry. Traditional advertisements can only play pictures, while the bar LCD screen perfectly combines pictures, videos, text, and sound, and has the advantages of high resolution, high brightness, and high color gamut.


03Intelligent traffic display field

It can be used as an indoor station announcement screen for buses and subways, and a top screen for taxis. It can display on subways, buses, top of taxis, subway cars, and comprehensively display vehicle arrival information and other multimedia information."