A brief introduction to optical electronic Whiteboard

- Dec 13, 2017-

Optical whiteboard applications are the latest optical image sensing technology, inherited the advantages of infrared electronic whiteboard, while correcting the shortcomings, not by the screen before strong light interference, high precision, writing fluent, can be consistent with the usual writing habits, will not produce any delay, widely used in schools, training, conference areas.

Optical whiteboard is an advanced education or conference-assisted Man-machine interaction equipment, it can cooperate with projectors, computers and other tools to achieve clean writing, writing, remote communication and other functions.

Basic parameters

The most influential and intuitive basic parameters of an electronic whiteboard are:

1 Computer interface: International standard Universal USB interface.

2 Resolution: Resolution refers to the number of points (or pixels) on each line. Typically, a point is expressed along the horizontal and vertical edges of a screen or monitor, and the higher the resolution, the clearer and smoother the screen.

3 Calibration: General calibration points at least 2 points above, so more accurate positioning, will not produce drift, quick reaction.

4 Response Speed: The faster the response speed, the more close to the normal operation of people, the use of convenient and fast;

5 Touch accuracy: High precision, the more sensitive to the touch response.