Advantages of electronic Whiteboard

- Dec 13, 2017-

Electronic whiteboard is a newer product, it brings together cutting-edge electronic technology, software technology and other High-tech means to develop High-tech products, combined with computers and projectors, can achieve paperless office and teaching, it can be like the ordinary whiteboard or teaching blackboard directly with pen writing, and then lost to the computer, relative to the projector, Ordinary whiteboard, electronic whiteboard has its own advantages.

1. Usually we have a meeting, the speaker needs to keep on the whiteboard to write their own key points, and listen to the people need to keep records, for fear of omission, with the electronic whiteboard after just listen attentively to the speaker, after writing, just click the button or click on the remote control, You can print out the whiteboard and it takes only a few seconds, or the person who uses the computer simply clicks the button or presses the remote control, can write on the whiteboard complete input to the computer, very convenient, with a common whiteboard incomparable advantage.

2. The electronic whiteboard can extend the writing space infinitely.

3. At present, the new optical whiteboard is becoming a mainstream product. It can be connected with video conferencing system to realize remote meeting and distance teaching.