advantages of face recognition thermal scanner kiosk in the epidemic

- Sep 28, 2020-


Combining with the current epidemic prevention needs, when face recognition temperature measurement turns on the mask detection function, priority will be given to detecting whether the person is wearing a mask. For those who do not wear a mask, the system will prompt them to wear a mask through voice and screen. Face recognition and body temperature detection can be performed after wearing the mask. High temperature can trigger an alarm. Only those with normal body temperature can open the gate/door and let go. This action can simultaneously remind the personnel on duty for epidemic prevention, achieve active epidemic prevention control, realize 7*24h real-time supervision, and effectively guarantee and improve the safety of public places.

Feature 1: Non-contact rapid temperature measurement to prevent cross-infection

The front end of the system is based on infrared thermal imaging technology to perform close-range non-contact body temperature detection of personnel. The detection distance is about 0.2~1 meters, and the detection error is ±0.3℃. When the temperature exceeds the set threshold, the system automatically alarms.

Feature 2: Wearing a mask to detect the entry and exit of the face and identify whether the mask is already worn

The smart mask face recognition mode supports mask detection and face recognition in mask scenes. Face recognition and temperature measurement through the system's whitelist for face comparison and face detection, to achieve quick attendance and passing of personnel, while using real-time voice and screen reminders for those who are not wearing masks. The current mask detection accuracy rate exceeds 99%, and the mask recognition accuracy rate exceeds 98%.

Feature 3: Real-time data storage, convenient for background query and tracking

The system records information such as the person's name, travel time, body temperature, and captured facial images in real time, and uploads it to the intelligent big data cloud platform, which is convenient for the management party to query the information of the passer-by and troubleshoot abnormal situations.

At present, the face recognition temperature measurement equipment integrates face recognition technology and AI temperature measurement. It is a good way to solve the temperature measurement of large traffic personnel. It integrates two important functions on one device to achieve long-distance Distance non-inductive fixed-point temperature measurement preliminary screening