Attention to the installation of wall-mounted high-definition LCD advertising machine

- Mar 14, 2018-


The wall-mounted advertising machine involves the effects of the device environment, device location, load-bearing wall conditions, support weight, etc. Therefore, the device must be mastered by the consumer to ensure the normal operation of the LCD advertising machine. The following is about the wall-mounted high-definition LCD advertising.

1.The device environment is relatively dry

The advertising machine should not be temporarily placed in a humid environment. Since many TVs are not waterproof, the position of the advertising device too close to moisture will damage the TV.

2.The bearing wall must be strong

Consumers must install wall-mounted digital signs on high-strength walls such as solid brick and concrete.Assuming that the device must be installed on a thick wall or wooden decorative surface, reinforcement and support measures must be taken first.In addition, the surface of the device shall be guaranteed to be not less than 4 times the actual weight of the wall-mounted advertising machine, and the device shall not be dumped when the device is tilted back and forth by 10°.

3.Choose high quality bracket

It is important to choose a suitable wall-mounted advertising rack.First of all, to clarify the classification of the bracket, the current bracket is mainly divided into adjustable angle bracket and fixed angle bracket.

Wall-mounted advertising racks should ensure that the digital signage machine is easy to maintain and maintain behind the device. It is easy to assemble without damaging the device surface and device frame.

When buying a wall-mounting bracket, it is necessary think over whether the device bracket can include the partial wall joint, partial product joint, partial fastener, device diagram and operation instructions, and it must comply with the international VESA organization FDMI specification.In addition, after the wall-mounted advertising machine is rationally installed through the above steps, it not only saves space, but also becomes a decoration of decorative living space.