Daily maintenance knowledge of touch all in one machine

- Mar 08, 2018-

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     With the more extensive use of touch all in one machine, it is integrated into people's lives, people apply for business, information enqury and so on.It can use touch screen instead of a mouse and keyboard,we only need to touch the screen with a finger or other object, and then the system can input the selection information according to the icon or menu position touched by the finger.what is the common maintainence sense of touch all in one machine?

1.Take care to protect the display

Ttouch screen display is very delicate, so in order to avoid burning inside the screen,machine should be avoided for a long time to display the same screen.if you are not using it, be sure to turn off the monitor.

2.Do not attach heavy objects on machine bracket

Do not attach extra weight to the holder because the holder is designed to withstand the weight of the LCD touch unit only.Do not collide strongly, shake the screen, so as to avoid damage, short circuit or board deformation,Do not open the machine without permission.

3.When moving, handling and touching one machine, please be careful. At the same time, you must ensure that it is shockproof, moisture proof, electricity proof, waterproof, pressure proof ,After the lcd transformer voltage is still high; pay special attention to safety, do not open the monitor's back cover.

4.keep the screen clean

When the machine screen is dusty, the correct method of cleaning should be gently wipe with high-end glasses cloth to remove the dust on it.If it is for the fingerprint and oil on the LCD screen, you should clean it with a dedicated cleaner for the LCD screen.If it is for the fingerprint and oil on the LCD screen, you should clean it with a dedicated cleaner for the LCD screen.Care should also be taken when using detergents, wipe outward from the center of the screen until the cleaning agent on the screen is wiped clean.

5.Should be far away from dusty, humid or high temperature

Avoid using it in harsh environments such as excessive dust, moisture or heat, glare;Avoid contact with or contact with high heat sources and corrosive chemicals to avoid damage;Hushida technology here remind users, touch screen all in one machine is not waterproof, water droplets will seriously affect the touch screen response speed, therefore, should be prevented from being wet and so on.www.hsdtouch.com