Difference between LCD advertising player and TV set

- Mar 10, 2018-



LCD TV appearance is basically plastic or sheet metal in the bare screen!

LCD TV surface is a bare screen, without any protection, as long as the impact on the outside, the machine may not be able to use!Then the LCD advertising machine material is, the side section is aluminum, the surface is tempered glass, behind the sheet metal, can be described as a copper wall iron wall!

2.Hardware technology and stability differences

Since TVs are basically used in a home environment, the hardware technology is not so high in such a relatively comfortable environment.

Including heat dissipation and dust resistance and other functions,but advertising machines are not the same, it generally working in a noisy environment, so the dust, heat, operating stability requirements are relatively high, so the hardware will be different!

3.Power consumption

Domestic products such as LCD TVs are generally focused on energy saving, so they are relatively low in power consumption, and LCD advertising machines are not the same. In a all kinds of environment, they require higher brightness and a better cooling system.


The size of LCD TVs is similar to that of an advertising player. Almost all are: 26-inch, 32-inch, etc., but there are some differences. TVs do not have a size of 65 inches, and transparent Hushida LCD advertising machines can be customized other large size.

5.Special application, adjustable interpretation

LCD TVs have limitations in the area of display. Basically, they are all specified sizes. Sometimes, under special circumstances, LCD advertising machines can increase equipment and expand the display area. That is, we say that the splicing technology can display screens blocks are spliced together to form a large-area display.