Digital elevator advertising machine became a hot product in the marke?

- Apr 10, 2018-

Elevator advertising machine is a kind of unique and practical high-quality new media. It refers to the mosaic advertising carrier of elevator box wall hanging in high-rise buildings (communities, commercial buildings, hotels/hotels, etc.) in the city.the elevator plane media network has typical characteristics of segmented propagation.

It consists of high-end business and residential community buildings in the economically developed areas of the city. The media is suspended on the walls of the elevator car and in the elevator waiting area (Horace Hall).Revenue groups, advertising information for the group to conduct accurate, centralized, repeated directed dissemination.

It makes good use of people in the elevator, the time of leisure, psychological gaps and emotional irritation, advertising has a system, repeatability, anti-jamming and other characteristics.The unique features of elevator advertising machines include: effective arrival rate and high frequency of exposure.Accurate and highly targeted means that the advertising investment is less wasteful, determines the efficiency of advertising investment, avoids advertising airdrops and effectively prevents the waste of advertising fees.

Maintaining 3-5 advertisement screens per day not only ensures a good advertising environment, but also ensures the effectiveness of advertising information dissemination.Compared with television, the television audience has high authority and strong real-time performance. It is not limited by time and space, and has a combination of viewing and listening.