Four elements of LCD advertising machine maintenance

- Mar 13, 2018-


The components of the LCD advertising machine can be divided into electronic circuits and computer control panels. The appearance of the display broadcasts a lot of dynamic information, and some types can also support touch.Integral advertising machines usually hang close to the wall, do not take up too much space, and even add space aesthetics.After all, advertising machines are still electronic devices, have a limited service time, and also require maintenance.

In order to better ensure the service life of the advertising machine and the normal working of the advertising player, we will introduce the maintenance method of the advertising machine.

Maintain the habit of regularly cleaning the advertising machine, you can use a damp cloth to clean the LCD screen, pay attention to try not to use too heavy wet cloth, to avoid moisture into the screen and cause LCD internal short circuit and other problems.It is advisable to scrub the LCD screen with a soft cloth such as eyeglass cloth or lens avoid unnecessary scratches on the ad screen.


The operating environment of the advertising machine will directly affect the use of the advertising machine, if the light is too bright, even direct light, on the one hand affect the visual communication of the advertising machine, on the other hand direct damage to the screen electronic components.In addition, the humidity of the air in which the advertising machine is located should be appropriate.Too moist will only affect the circuit conditions and raise questions.

3.Machine body    

The duration of the advertising machine itself is limited, frequent switching opportunities damage the screen's electronic components, and then it will affect the use of the advertising machine and the number of life.

4.static electricity

Electronic devices often experience static electricity, and advertising machines are no exception.Static electricity will allow airborne dust to adhere to advertising machines, so it must be properly cleaned up.