Frequent problems and solutions of advertising machine

- Mar 07, 2018-

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In recent years, with the development of digital signage, LCD advertising display, LCD video wall, LCD monitors are widely used in various industries of life, efficient digital office, digital surveillance has become the biggest advantage.Here to teach you how to deal with some common advertising machine faults.

1.Reasons causes the serious screen flicker?

Please check whether there is interference around the magnetic field, check the power supply voltage is stable.

2.How to deal with no screen display with the front panel lights flashing?

Check the screen and decoder board signal cable is solid or not, and check the signal line connector if there is a pointer bent, broken.

3.Can lcd work continuously for a long time?

Theoretically speaking there is no problem, lcd low power consumption, more suitable for long running.But from the maintenance point of view, it should give lcd breathing time, after all, lcd is a more precious product, the problem is not as easy to solve crt display.

4.How to clean lcd screen?

please try not to use too much moisture in the wet cloth, in order to avoid moisture into the screen caused by lcd internal short circuit and other failures occur.It is recommended to use glasses cloth, lens paper and other soft objects on the lcd wipe.This will not only prevent moisture from entering the interior of the lcd screen, but also avoid scratching the screen.

5.Whether individual users can disassemble lcd?

Do not, because even after the LCD has been turned off for a long time, the CFL inverter in its internal backlight unit may still have a high voltage of about 1000V. This high voltage can cause serious personal injury.So do not disassemble the lcd yourself so as to avoid high voltage.And dismantling the lcd on its own without the dealer’s permission will lose the warranty.

6. how to solve advertising machine plugged in the power without respond?

Check the advertising machine power is energized, the wire is off or loose, if the power is voltage, check the decoder board is energized, and then check the advertising machine driver board is energized, check the high voltage bar is energized, check the LCD screen Whether the power, any one difference, it means that the fault in that part, notify the manufacturer to replace the parts.In general, the power supply is most likely to be damaged.

7.How to solve LCD advertising machine no sound?

Use the multimeter to measure whether the power supply on the driver board is powered on or not. Check if the speaker cable is normal. If the driver board is not properly installed, replace the driver board.If the speaker is not normal to replace the speaker, the general advertising machine, the speaker at the cable is the most likely to fall off, if so, then use the soldering iron to repair, if the speaker noise is large, that is advertising machine driver board was damaged, you should replace the driver Board, the above components can find manufacturers courier.