How can the outdoor advertising machine work well

- Mar 14, 2018-


Outdoor LCD advertising machines, whether it is raining or sunny, can be perfectly presented to people's eyes, bringing good visual and auditory enjoyment.

Hushida outdoor advertising player

Protection level:

IP55, the box and the external are sealed with rubber strips (car door strips), and the air inlet and outlet are sealed with 3M dust-proof and moisture-proof net to ensure the normal operation in rainstorm and dust weather, effectively waterproof, dustproof and moisture-proof.

The whole box design will not expose a screw, from the outside to the inside can only be completed by opening the outdoor link lock, this lock has three layers of protection, the lock anti-theft standard meets the national B standard.

Lightning protection:

The product is equipped with a lightning arrester, the maximum discharge current 40KA

Grounding, leakage protection:

All the internal structural components of the product are all turned on. All electrical components must be grounded. The source of the incoming line is equipped with an industrial-grade leakage protection switch, and the leakage protection reaches the outdoor product level.

The product is equipped with an intelligent temperature control board and temperature control probe that display the temperature, and the temperature of the cooling fan is adjusted according to the temperature level feedbacked by the temperature control probe to achieve the effect of thermostat adjustment, energy saving and environmental protection.