How to choose advertising machine manufacturers

- Mar 07, 2018-

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Many people in the choice of advertising machine manufacturers, the first thing to do is Google "outdoor advertising machine" "outdoor advertising machine manufacturers" "advertising machine manufacturers" We will find that there are a lot of manufacturers for us to choose from, but how to choose from so many outdoor advertising manufacturers? Here and tell you how to choose from them,hope this helps you in future purchases.

First and foremost,talking about some of the most common promotions that Google promotes. When you search for "Outdoor Advertising" on Google, you'll see the following darker and far right is the auction on Google, while the price of the auction to give Google on the line, and some outdoor advertising machine manufacturers registered with only on one or two people in the company,Such advertising machine manufacturers have only one office, no factories, and some manufacturers to earn money regardless after-sales service,the majority of outdoor advertising are poor quality products,with more and more trouble machine,LCD manufacturers at that time know no ability to sell then close down.Over a period of time and set up a new company, gave Google some money, repeat the same approach, the ultimate damage is the buyer's interests.Therefore, try to choose a non-bidding advertising machine manufacturers, if possible, conduct a field trip, so that your purchase will be more secure!

Of course,because many customers are not very professional,to visit manufacturers only look at the samples, listen to introduction, which is not much help for the final choice of equipment.


1.Company organization (focus on technology development staff and strength)


2.Companies registered capital (understand the strength of the enterprise)


3.The company's experimental equipment (whether water-proof, outdoor sunlight is visible in the outdoor is good for heat, how anti-theft measures?), The best site to experience the situation,it is best to know the situation on the spot.


4.Quality system: (if advertising machine manufacturers quality system has passed the certification)


5.On-site production equipment and capabilities: Workshop-style production is clearly not what you want, if you put it to the production site to see, the production side use too far and so on reasons to decline, are you should pay attention to the phenomenon, after all,to investigate, how can these phenomena occur? Another point, if you go to the machine manufacturer's production site, there is not even the supplier of your told before, which is more Oolong thing.


6.The size of the factory is also reflected in the strength of a manufacture,if a regular outdoor LCD manufacturer,workshop should be relatively large!