How to choose the digital photo frame

- Dec 13, 2017-

Digital photo Frame has become a very fashionable gift, it gorgeous appearance, clear display and attractive multiple functions, get a lot of people favor.

Now the digital photo frame generally has a variety of functions, but its main function is to play the photos, so, one of the pictures of the playback effect-the clarity of the screen is clearly our first consideration. The big screen digital photo frame is becoming the market darling more than the narrow screen with limited view. The screen effect is mainly determined by "resolution", "contrast", "brightness" and other factors. The value of a resolution is the number of horizontal and vertical pixels across all visible areas of the display. It is also our measure of the image of the most basic point of clarity, the higher the resolution, the more detailed the performance, the clearer the effect; contrast refers to the measurement of the brightness levels of the brightest white and darkest black in an image. , the larger the variance, the greater the contrast, the smaller the range of differences represents the smaller the contrast, a good contrast rate of 120:1 can easily display vivid, rich color, when the contrast rate up to 300:1, it can support the various levels of color ratio greater, color performance more rich, the picture is more beautiful.