How to delay the aging of LCD splicing screen

- Apr 10, 2018-

1.Let the LCD splicing break intermittently

LCD splicing screens can easily overheat certain pixels due to long working hours. Once they exceed the limit, they will cause permanent damage. This forms a bad point.Since the pixels of the liquid crystal splicing screen are composed of liquid crystals, they will accelerate the aging when they are continuously operated at full load, and even burn out in severe cases.Therefore, if the user must work for a long time, it is best to intermittently let the LCD splicing break for a while, this effort can not only delay the aging of the LCD screen, but also to avoid hardware damage.

2.Change the screen display often

If the screen of the LCD splicing screen continuously plays the same picture for a long time, it may cause the pixels in the area where the brightness is too high to be burned out, and it will also accelerate the aging process of the screen.In the process of use, the screen displayed on the lower screen is often changed. This will not cause a certain pixel to be burned due to heat generation. To a certain extent, it can protect the screen and delay its aging.