How to mantain machine screen in summer

- Apr 10, 2018-

In summer, whether it is indoor or outdoor LCD advertising machines, LCD screens need to be maintained.We all know that LCD splicing screens have unmatched stability performance with other displays. Usually, the life span of the products is about 60,000 hours. Few problems occur during operation. Once problems arise, they are basically due to the lack of long-term maintenance and internal components aging,so do day-to-day protection work on the life of LCD splicing screen can not be ignored.

In general, the problems that arise from long-term carelessness are some of the headaches, and they are all important parts of the system.If the problem is serious, the maintenance cost will far exceed the cost of daily maintenance. Therefore, the following good habits must be developed in the daily operation of the LCD splicing screen.

1.Carefully open the LCD rear protective cover

Summer temperatures are generally high, some users will open the back cover to facilitate the heat dissipation of the LCD screen, but they must not be opened under live conditions. Even after the power is cut off, the voltage between the retention voltage is very high.The CFL transformer has a high voltage of about 1000V, which is very possible to damage the operator.

2.Avoid touching the screen with great effort or sharp objects

Liquid crystal splicing screen is very delicate, poor contrast resistance, it is very easy to cause screen bad spots, which is why some users will find the causes of bad spots after a period of use, and this situation is difficult to remedy

3.Do not run in wet conditions

The internal layout of the LCD splicing screen is very precise, and the wet environment will cause corrosion and oxidation to form a short circuit.therefore, in places where there is a lot of rain and high humidity, we must do a good job of dehumidifying the room and try to keep it dry.

If you notice moisture on the screen, wipe it gently with a soft cloth and then turn on the screen.However, when moisture is found inside the LCD panel, it is necessary to apply for professional maintenance.Do not allow the LCD splicing panel to be powered on without removing moisture. Otherwise, the liquid crystal electrode will be corroded, causing permanent damage.