How to select and maintenance touch all in one

- Mar 30, 2018-

Touch screens, monitors, mainframes and touch cabinets are all parts of the touch-one

Choose a good quality touch screen: the touch screen's quality directly determines the user's touch effect, and the main factor that affects the quality of the touch screen is the touch screen controller. Inaccurate touch positioning or automatic mouse arrow jump is generally related to the controller.

The use of stable performance liquid crystal displays: LCD brightness, viewing angle, width and color all affect the user's evaluation of product quality, generally should use well-known brands of displays, try not to use the LCD module, the so-called special LCD monitors are required to be cautiously adopted


The choice of reliable computer host: Computer host regardless of the level of its configuration, stable performance is the premise, in the choice of motherboard, hard disk, memory and power are always preferred for stable performance

Cabinet to choose a beautiful appearance, good paint quality, control circuit and control switch design is reasonable, easy to operate, power amplifier system output sound loud, clear sound quality, cabinet cooling system can not be ignored

Avoid possible post-sale failures

According to the user's different use occasions, it is recommended to use touch screens with different principles to increase the service life of the touch screen and avoid possible damage or damage to the touch screen caused by human factors.