Insensitive touch screen

- Mar 10, 2018-


When using a touch all in one machine,if the reaction is insensitive and the feeling does not reach the same effect as before.

Here are somne solutions for you reference:

1.First, clean the touch screen of the machine with a clean cloth or towel, and clean up some dust.

2.After starting the machine, you can open the touch screen software to calibrate.

3.You can loosen the screws behind the touch screen, because the touch-sensitive machine may not be sensitive because the touch screen may be nailed too tightly.

4.You can plug the USB cable into another USB connector,because the response is not sensitive, it may be due to a lack of power supply or damage to the U port.

5.Check the touch screen driver, if you find a problem with its driver, then only need to install the driver again.

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