LCD advertising player common fault solution

- Mar 12, 2018-

flickering screen.png

The use of crystal advertising machines in our lives is relatively common and can be seen in restaurants, shopping malls, and banks. It is one of the most widely used advertising communication devices.

Occasionally, the LCD advertising player will malfunction in the course of its use, which will cause some troubles for the user's use. Now we will talk about a solution to the common problem of the LCD advertising player.

In daily applications, the appearance of flickering on the LCD advertising player screen is a problem frequently encountered by users.In this regard, the user must first check the external factors such as the magnetic field and the power supply voltage around the device. If it still cannot be applied normally, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection of the video card driver of the monitor to eliminate the installation of the program.

If the above operation is invalid, the user can also try to increase the refresh rate of 75HZ to see if it is feasible.If the above operation fails to achieve satisfactory results, professional assistance is needed. The user must send the equipment to the manufacture for inspection.