LCD splicing display advantages and disadvantages

- Apr 12, 2018-

1.screen can not be completely seamless splicing

LCD splicing screen can not be completely seamless splicing is its most obvious defect, is a bottleneck to hinder the development of LCD splicing technology.Although the liquid crystal splicing products are widely applicable in various fields, the problem of too wide seams has always been a weakness in the competition of liquid crystal splicing and other splicing technologies.Even after the ultra-narrow LCD display, the stitched seam still cannot achieve the true "seamless" stitching requirement.

2.Backlights and subpixels are difficult to map

The display principle of LCD splicing screens and CRT and PDP products is not the same, and it belongs to passive luminescence products.The liquid crystal molecules in the liquid crystal screen will deflect when power is applied.

Therefore, by controlling the switching of the liquid crystal molecules, it is possible to control the amount of light radiated from behind to the front substrate, and ultimately realize the display of the image.Since basically three primary color sub-pixels are basically more than 3 million, and the limitation of the process technology, the one-to-one correspondence between the backlight and sub-pixels cannot be achieved.What can be done at present can only be to control the deflection of the liquid crystal molecules regardless of the image content, and the backlight maintains a constantly bright state.

3.LCD splicing screen low energy efficiency

The energy consumption of common liquid crystal splicing units is mainly the LCD screen itself and the built-in processor, while the energy consumption of the LCD screen is concentrated on the backlight and the Tcom board.Therefore, taking the commonly used ultra-narrow 46-inch brightness narrow-splicing unit as an example, no matter what the image content is, even if it is an all-black image, the backlight source will always be in an open state, so the energy waste is very serious.for a large monitoring center with 24-hour power on, this waste of energy must not be underestimated.Beijing Hushida Technology(