LCD splicing screen common fault analysis

- Apr 12, 2018-

Splicing large screens as high-end display products on the market, providing perfect solutions for security monitoring in traffic safety, energy, power, and other fields, and satisfying the monitoring screen display in multiple industries and multiple fields application requirements

From the point of view of long-term development of security monitoring, the digitalization of security monitoring, dispatching automation, integration of information resources, and central control management of LCD splicing screens provide a new development path for security monitoring.

The reason for the black screen is basically

Power, adapters, mainboard, and worst results is screen broken

The first is to check the power: the performance of the panel button without any response, the indicator is off, first use a multimeter to measure the voltage, if there is no voltage or the voltage becomes very low, then one may be the power supply circuit input stage presents a problem.this kind of problem if very common,usually burn insurance or the boltage regulator chip is faulty.some of the machines use the built-in switching power supply.therefor,when we stop the LCD splicing screen,we must ensure that the voltage is stable!