Main components and principles of digital photo frame

- Dec 13, 2017-

Main parts

Digital photo frame consists of three components: LCD LCD screen, PCB circuit board and outer frame. LCD screens can be analog or digital, and they can be differentiated by size. PCB circuit board is the core of digital photo frame, because it contains the necessary software. For end users, the outer box is an important standard. The outer frame is usually made of plastic or wood, and some digital frames provide a replaceable outer frame.

Core devices

The digital photo frame has three core components: a processor, a semiconductor memory, and a lcd/led display unit.

The traditional photo frame can be placed up to two photos, some newly married couples want to show their photos more in the new house, and now there is a digital photo frame can be placed $number digital photos are sought after.


Digital photo frame, also known as digital photo frame, its basic principle: the appearance uses the ordinary frame the modelling, turns the original picture frame middle photograph part into the liquid crystal display screen, with the power supply, the storage medium and so on, may directly play the digital photograph, causes the same picture frame to circulate the photograph, compared to the ordinary frame the single function has the superiority.