Maintenance of electronic Whiteboard

- Dec 13, 2017-

The maintenance of the electronic whiteboard is the most important is the maintenance of the board surface.

The board surface is the main part and the important display part of the electronic whiteboard, its maintenance needs to start from the daily use maintenance and cleaning two aspects.

Because the board surface of the electronic whiteboard is usually made of high quality wear-resisting material, normal use normally is not a problem, but must avoid using sharp utensils (such as knives and other sharp things) to contact the board, so as not to destroy and cut the board surface. In addition, do not usually keep the writing for a long time on the board, so the handwriting is not easy to clean. And the special note is that the electronic whiteboard in the process of use, can not use oily crayon writing on the Whiteboard! In case of this situation, you must immediately use absorbent cotton dipped in alcohol gently wipe the board surface of the electronic whiteboard.

In order to ensure a good display effect, the plate surface needs to be cleaned frequently. If the electronic whiteboard is used frequently preferably in a week or so, it will keep the best clarity. In this reminder, the interactive whiteboard should first exit the system before cleaning the whiteboard panel. Because when the computer is in a different state (for example, when a program is open or on the desktop), the pressure on the screen activates the program or the icon. After exiting the system, the projector is transferred to standby mode, which makes it easier to display stains and stripes. When moving an electronic whiteboard, you can not touch the screen or board to wipe.

Generally speaking, the electronic whiteboard writes the surface clean, uses the clean soft cloth to carry on the cleaning. Do not scrub the screen with a dry cloth to avoid electrostatic charge. Scrub wet cloth must be wrung dry, can not have water outflow, but also can not let water from the bottom of the box into the board. Small area trial without abrasion of denatured alcohol, glass cleaning agent, can also be used. Special Electronic whiteboard Cleaner can achieve better cleaning effect, encounter difficult to remove dirt, you can spray detergent on the panel, and then wipe with tissue paper.