Misuse of LCD Advertising Machines

- Apr 04, 2018-

1.One: The information is updated slowly: If your player forgets to update the content, then the customer will lose.Every few days, you have to show different content, and try to switch in a relatively short period of time, instead of displaying a content on the screen for a long time, keeping it fresh, the new content will win the customer's return rate, Hushida Digital Signage software, preset a variety of wonderful templates, easy to create high-quality programs, so that you no longer worry about information updates, you can set the program's validity period, expired programs stop playing.

2.Trying to put too much content on the screen: True, your software comes with a lot of choices, but you don't need to show them all at once.remember: Your goal is to convey information.If your screen is packed with content, viewers can't find content you want to tell them out of a lot of tedious content.You have better use different functions at different times to attract people's attention and keep them always interested.

3.The screen is too high: no matter how obvious the information is, as long as it is at an altitude of 20 feet, no one can see them.before installing the screen, you need to consider the screen height and perspective, so that customers can read your text.In addition, if you have an interactive screen, you need to consider whether people can easily touch before installation, and especially those who are in wheelchairs.

4.In addition to keeping fresh content updated, you also need to update your content management software.New software features will convey information more effectively; of course, don't forget to update hardware from time to time