Preparation for LCD advertising before use

- Apr 10, 2018-

1.Boot up and set the network

As the name implies, the online version of the advertising player must be connected to the network in order to use it normally.You need to open the back cover of the online version of the advertising machine, insert a USB mouse, and enter the settings of the advertising machine for network settings.There are two ways to connect to the network.

One is to connect WIFI. The specific operation needs to see the operation instructions.

The other is to insert the cable, the network version of the advertising machine is generally a cable interface, you can insert the cable network

2.Installation information release system

Install the information release system on the computer that manages the advertising machine. You can check the operation instructions for the specific operation. It is better to use the XP system or WIN7 system computer.

3.Advertising material making

The advertising that need to be published on the advertising player are making in advance and then published through the information release system.