Several Common Deceptions in the LCD Panel Industry

- Apr 04, 2018-

      In the LCD splicing market, there are indeed a handful of unscrupulous merchants who are good at using various methods to deceive and mislead users.There are also many companies that are profitable while selling products at sub-cost prices. At the time, buyers might have figured out a little cheaper, but after a while they knew it was a "pit," where we used LCD the common deception tricks in the splicing screen industry reveal to everyone.

Deception 1: Low light posing highlight.This is the most commonly used deception method on the market.Liquid crystal splicing t panel is divided into two kinds of low light and high brightness, low light brightness is 450cd/m2, highlight is 700cd/m2.The cost difference between these two screens is only about 6,000 yuan and it’s hard for naked people to see the difference between the two products.Therefore, when some newcomers who do not understand the LCD splicing screen purchase, there are a large number of unscrupulous merchants who use the low-light screen to impersonate the highlight screen and earn huge profits.

Deception 2: TV panel conversion machine.we all know that TV LCD screens do not support 24-hour use day and night; professional LCD splicing screens are mainly used in monitoring and commercial markets, and support continuous use in open air public places for 24 hours day and night.with an operating life of more than 50,000 hours, industrial grade panels are used.someone used the panel of a home TV to modify it, posing as a professional splicing screen.The difference between a home TV and a low-light LCD screen is at least a hundred dollars,For users who do not understand the inside story of LCD splicing screens, they actually buy fakes at high prices.

Deception 3: old machine modification.There are also merchants who have used some of their old machines to renovate their own homes.

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