Something about Digital Photo Frame

- Dec 13, 2017-

(1) Digital photo frame is a new photo frame which can directly display digital photos without stamping them out.

(2) It adopts the outer frame (appearance) shape of the traditional ordinary frame, the traditional photo frame of the middle picture part of the LCD screen, with power supply, storage media and other components, you can directly display (play) digital photos, at the same time, in the same frame to cycle the display (playback) of different photos, Provide a better photo display platform and space for people with increasing digital photos and photos.

(3) The appearance of the digital photo frame and the traditional ordinary photo frame (of course, in the size and style is also the same as the traditional picture frame can be a variety of options), but the digital photo frame is not the same as the traditional ordinary frame to print out the digital photos and then loaded into the frame display Instead, the memory card directly plugged into the camera or directly to the digital photo frame can be displayed in the frame immediately, and it can store and display (play) hundreds of or even thousands of photos.