Splicing screen types

- Apr 03, 2018-

Splicing screen types

1.Ultra-narrow LCD splicing screen:

Hushida HD narrow edge LCD splicing unit uses Samsung, LG original industrial-grade DID LCD screen, together with the most advanced intensive LCD light source backlight system, backlight color reproduction is good, the image is highly realistic, spot-like ultra-dense distribution, backlight brightness is uniform.And the use of high-quality electronic components, unique intelligent color correction technology, so that more beautiful colors and natural, more advanced UV2 LCD crystal arrangement technology: bright bright field, energy saving, high light energy efficiency, dark field no light leakage, ultra high contrast.The series of LCD screens are divided into seven types: 47-inch, 46-inch, 42-inch, and 40-inch. They can be flexibly applied to various places in different fields and can maximize their performance in various occasion.

2.Plasma LCD splicing screen

Plasma seamless splicing screen is a plasma splicing display introduced by Hushida Technology. It uses the cutting-edge plasma technology to reduce the seam to 1.4mm, with 1700cd/m2 brightness, 1000000:1 contrast, and up to 97% color reproduction., more than 20 times than normal display contrastAs a high-end splicing display device, it can achieve any size limitation for extensible video wall products, suitable for any large-screen display project.