the description of LCD Video Wall

- Dec 13, 2017-

LCD splicing Large screen is a complete splicing display unit, both as a monitor, and can be spliced into a large screen use. According to different use requirements, the realization of variable large and variable small screen function: Single segmentation display, single individual display, any combination of display, full-screen stitching, vertical screen display, the image border can be selected to compensate or cover, support digital signal roaming, scaling stretching, display across the screen, various display plan set and run, Full HD signal real-time processing, everything, not only to adapt to digital signal input, analog signal support is very unique, but also LCD splicing signal interface, the use of liquid crystal splicing technology to achieve analog signals and digital signals can be accessed at the same time, can also use BSV LCD splicing technology to transform analog signals into digital signals LCD splicing Series products using unique and the world's most cutting-edge digital processing technology, so that users really experience the full HD large screen effect.