The difference between LED and LCD advertising machine

- Mar 12, 2018-

distinguish between lcd and led.jpg

1.What is LCD advertising player?

LCD advertising machine is what we usually talk about LCD advertising machine, LCD structure is placed in two pieces of parallel glass liquid crystal, two pieces of glass there are many vertical and horizontal small wires, through the power to control the rod crystal molecules change direction and refract light to produce a picture.Particularly suitable for high-end branded integrated multimedia technology, delivering a full range of product information, promotional information, etc. to consumers.

2.What is LED advertising player?

LED advertising machine is a practical new type of consumer cutting-edge dynamic advertising information publishing media.The built-in microcomputer chip handles the graphic and text information edited and stored in the memory by the personal computer, and continuously illuminates and extinguishes specific LED dots in a very precise timing, and at the same time rotates at a high speed under the drive of a brushless DC motor, in the human eye with the persistence of the phenomenon of visual persistence, the user's desired graphics will magically appear and float in the sphere's 360-degree visual space.

3.The difference between LED and LCD advertising machine

The difference between the LED advertising machine and the LCD advertising machine is mainly in the display, LED brightness is relatively strong, the distance is very clear, suitable for outdoor; LCD brightness is not high LED, close to see very clear, suitable for indoor.More importantly, the LED is thinner than the LCD, and it is more convenient to realize various extreme structural appearance requirements.

In summary, comparing LED displays with LCD displays, LEDs have advantages in terms of brightness, power consumption, viewing angle, and refresh rate. It can be seen that the difference between LED advertising machines and LCD advertising machines is still very large.