The Precautions after Purchasing the HUSHIDA Industrial Touchscreen Monitor

- Jul 23, 2019-

all-in-one monitor


1. A touch panel should be stored under the environment temperature and humidity controlled as suggested.

2. Do not store a touch panel in direct sunlight.



1. Unpack the carton with the printed red arrow pointing up.

2. Hold a touch panel body instead of the FPC/COF all the time.

3. Avoid that the surface of the sensor glass is polluted after removing the protect film when assembly.



1. Prevent using any kind of the chemical solvent, acidic or alkali solution when cleaning.

2. Neutral detergent or isopropyl alcohol was suggested if the panel is cleaned.



1. Do not apply rough force such as bending or twisting to the touch panel during assembly.

2. Excessive force or strain to the panel or FPC/COF is prohibited.

3. Past VHB tape or sponge with adhesive on the gap between a touch panel and a LCD module to segregate water and dust contamination.



1. In order to guarantee all functions of a touch panel stable, please make sure that system is grounded or a power adapter is connected correctly to ground loop (Connection to earth ground is suggested).

2. Do not pull the interface connector in or out while the touch panel is operating.

3. Any sharp edged or hard objects are interdiction to hitting when touch panel operation.