The purchase knowledge of electronic whiteboard

- Dec 13, 2017-

Facing the electronic whiteboard market, many brands of the current situation, users often hesitate to choose. For users who want to buy an electronic whiteboard, how to choose a whiteboard that satisfies teachers and students. Select Whiteboard mainly look at the following aspects:

(1) Accurate positioning

If the whiteboard is not accurate enough, it will cause great trouble to the user's future use. So when the trial in the Whiteboard positioning, to observe the Whiteboard writing the position of the font and touch points can be coincident, if the coincidence is high, the positioning of the whiteboard is very accurate.

(2) Whiteboard sensitivity

A good whiteboard must be highly sensitive. Users can try to write on the whiteboard, observe the reaction speed of the Whiteboard, observe the whiteboard imaging lag time, if the white board image lag time is obvious, can only say that the product sensitivity is not high. This kind of reaction speed is clear, the whiteboard is sensitive, the user sees to know.

(3) Convenience

Users must use the Whiteboard after the various functions, to identify whether the whiteboard is convenient and humane. A good whiteboard, will certainly take into account the user experience, if the whiteboard used cumbersome control, even if there is a good use of training team, users will feel the use of the powerless. So easy to learn to use the Whiteboard will become the user's final choice.