There is no voice in the advertising machine?

- Mar 10, 2018-


The advertising machine is a new generation of smart devices, through a terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display constitute a complete advertising broadcast control system, and through the use of multimedia materials such as pictures, text, video, widgets (weather, exchange rates, etc.)to advertising.

Nowadays, more and more merchants have cited the product of advertising machines. I believe that you may often encounter situations in which advertisement machines do not have sound. It is entirely possible for such situations to happen.When you really encounter such a problem, you need to find out the reasons, and then solve it according to the situation where the advertising machine does not have sound, and ensure that the business advertisements can be placed normally. The following is a detailed analysis.

At this time you can remove the advertising machine, open the back cover screws, open the back cover with a multimeter to see if the amplifier on the driver board can be powered and normal.

Also need to check if there is something wrong with the above, but if there is no problem, we must check to see if the speaker cable is normal. If the amplifier of the advertising driver board is not normal, then you have to replace the driver.If the speaker is not normal, you need to replace the speaker.However, under normal circumstances, the connector of the advertising player's horn is very easy to fall off.If it falls off, then use a soldering iron to solder it. If the speaker has a lot of noise, it may be that the driver board of the advertising machine is damaged. It is necessary to replace the driver board immediately. All these accessories are Need to find supplier to solve.

There is no sound in the advertising machine and it can be solved very well.If there is no voice in an advertising machine like this, then there will be no effect on the advertisement. How can it play a good advertising effect?

It has been very simple to talk to everyone about the solution to the problem when there are no sounds in the advertising machine. I believe that when such a situation is found, it can be better solved after finding its root cause.Can also play a very good effect.Hushida technology(