Top ten functions that a floorstanding advertising player must have

- Mar 10, 2018-

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Our common advertising machines are vertical advertising machines, wall-mounted advertising machines, and horizontal advertising machines.Among these types of advertising machines, we can see vertical advertising machines in many places.Whether in large shopping malls, or in the event site, airports and other places.Many friends are very tangled in choosing a vertical advertising machine. You need to understand the ten major functions that a stand-alone advertising machine must have. You won't be entangled.Hushida technology here sumarized the ten major features.

1.Has perfect playback function: support MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, DVD, AVI, JPG, MP3, TXT and other formats.

2.Program update: Through USB2.0 interface, U disk automatically copy and update contents of CF and SD card, and directly add or delete programs through remote control.

3.Customers can automatically adjust time, calendar and LOGO.

4.Play the picture with SLIDE SHOW (Slideshow mode) Slide Effect Optional 90°, 1800°.270° rotation function.Picture Zoom In (ZOOM), Move View (PAN).

5.Personalized switch machine with super-timed function, can set multiple time periods every day.

6.Boot automatically play: single or multi-loop playback, support for picture mode, music mode, video mode, mixed mode (picture + music) support fixed-point timing file playback, manual programming playlist playback, can be set to play specified file every day.

7.Remote control can be, single-button switching video, pictures, music player, single-button directory play, with volume control, channel conversion, system conversion, mode control.

8.Can change file names, create directories, move and delete functions.

9.Support for subtitle scrolling, just save the text of the marquee directly on the card.

10.Supports permanent power-off memory function and supports instant upgrade of software.

If you are struggling with choosing a vertical advertising machine, then you can see if the selected advertising machine has the above ten functions. If the function is not complete, then the value of the selection is also low. At the same time, Hushida reminds everyone that when purchasing,

Above summed up by Hushida (