Screen selection of touch all in one machine

- Mar 08, 2018-

touch screen type.jpg

     First, according to the working principle of the touch screen and the medium of transmitting information, we divide the touch screen into four types: resistance type, capacitance type, infrared type and surface acoustic wave type;

The second is according to the installation method, touch screen can be divided into: plug-in, built-in and integrated;

Third is to distinguish the touch screen from the technical principle, can be divided into five basic categories: vector pressure sensing touch screen, resistive touch screen technology, capacitive touch screen technology, infrared technology touch screen, surface acoustic wave technology touch screen.

Hushida Touch All in One Machine are selected infrared technology touch screen.The Infrared Touch Screen Technology is composed of infrared emitting and receiving sensing elements mounted on the outer frame of the touch screen. On the screen surface, an infrared detection network is formed. Any touched object can change the infrared rays on the contacts to realize the touch screen operation.

The implementation principle of the infrared touch screen is similar to that of the surface acoustic wave touch, and it uses infrared emitting and receiving sensing elements.These components form an infrared detection network on the surface of the screen. Touch-operated objects (such as a finger) can change the infrared ray of the electric shock, and are converted into the coordinates of the touch to achieve the response of the operation.