What is the difference between wall-mounted digital signage and floor standing digital signage?

- Dec 14, 2020-

With the development of science and technology, with the increasing progress of society and the rapid development of science and technology, the LCD splicing screen industry has also risen rapidly. The publicity method of LCD digital signage has been generally accepted by the public. Among them, floor standing digital signage and wall-mounted digital signage are Two typical ones. So what is the difference between these two types of advertising players?

First: product appearance


    Undoubtedly, the floor standing digital signage is a floor-to-ceiling LCD advertising machine, which is generally placed directly on the ground, and the placement position can vary from place to place. The wall-mounted digital signage is an LCD digital signage similar to a TV set, which can be hung on a wall or other objects to become a unique landscape of space decoration. Many outdoor restaurants now have suspensions to better attract customers.

Second: Applicable occasions


  floor standing digital signage are suitable for banking, finance, hotels, chain stores and other industries. They are also usually placed in public institutions, hospitals and other halls or front desks to visually display business information, interpret brand culture, and are more atmospheric and more suitable for high-end venues. The wall-mounted advertising machine can be hung in shopping malls, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, high-end office buildings, etc. It is suitable for small business places with relatively small space and saves space.


Third: Publicity effect


    From the perspective of publicity effect, wall-mounted digital signage are more eye-catching and attractive than floor standing digital signage.


    Of course: Whether we choose floor standing or wall-mounted, we must consider the price, performance and the application of the environmental site. HUSHIDA believes that no matter what type of advertising machine or LCD splicing screen, when the user chooses a product , Must be applicable, products that can bring influence to the company or brand.